An Angelís Blade by Mary Winter

Loose Id

Erotic Futuristic Romance

ISBN 978-1-59632-683-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Necromancers have discovered how to turn humans into zombies. They have been very successful in their evil practice and have managed to dwindle the human population down from millions to thousands. Zahra is a Blade, a zombie slayer. Dashtu is half angel. He possesses the ability to heal. Zahra has tracked and finally found Dashtu and is begging him to team up with her to fight the zombies and ultimately stop the Necromancers, but Dashtu was partnered with a Blade once before and she died. He isnít willing to take that risk again. The only way to stop the Necromancers is to get inside their compound and find out what they are up to, but if Dashtu does that he risks Zahraís life because the Necromancers want her dead. If they can stop the Necromancers and stay alive, theyíll get the chance to see if their deep attraction for each other is more than just lust.  

An Angelís Blade is exciting and erotic.  Zahra is one tough chick! She fights hard and seduces Dashtu harder. Dashtu is a complex character who brings a lot of depth to the story. There is more to him than what you first see. The sexual chemistry between Zahra and Dashtu is strong. I felt their out of the bedroom connection took a bit longer though. The zombies are both cool and scary. An Angelís Blade is a good story where hot sex and constant action fills every page.


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