Amethyst Rain by Alison Paige

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Romance, Ménage a trois, gay

ISBN: 9781419914485

Reviewed by:  Vivian



Katie’s Army unit has been called to war.  Her friends throw her a going away party.  And while at this party, her enchanted amethyst necklace that her grandmother gave her started to affect everyone’s libido.

Mark and Jarrod have been lovers for years and never expected to be interested in a woman.  But is their attraction only because of the necklace?  Or is it more?

Amethyst Rain is a fun little jewel in the crown of Ellora’s Cave Jewel series.  Katie’s attraction to both men is very real – but is it really Katie they want or is the necklace’s mojo affecting them?  Mark and Jarrod are yummy on their own, but add Katie to the mix, and the heat factor ramps up.  Considering that Jarrod had never been with a woman, it just made it that much sweeter.  Amethyst Rain is a sexy read and will make you want to find your own enchanted necklace. 


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