A Magical Encounter by Meagan Hatfield

New Concepts Publishing

Fantasy Romance

ISBN 978-1-60394-054-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Kaiya Gilbraithís father, the Duke, is anything but parental towards her.  The Duke is determined to marry her off to the highest bidder to cover his debt. When Kaiya keeps rejecting all her suitors, it does not make him feel any warmer towards her.   Poor Kaiya is betrayed by the Duke, only to find herself in a situation that is beyond all hope. 

Hope and love arrive in the form of an Elfin warrior.  Hanarom Avindaul has spent years fighting to save his people and lands, while defending the innocent and helpless.  Although he has rescued many fair damsels, Kaiya is different from any woman he has ever met, mortal or immortal.   There is no denying his heart, and he could never leave her to the horror that has become her life.

A Magical Encounter is romance-meets-fantasy at its finest.  The villains were beyond psychological and social rehabilitation, and the lovers are captivating without being syrupy sweet.   The bad guy stalks Kaiya every step of the way, and you are often on the edge of your seat scared for her while hoping that Hanarom will administer a major beat down to the scumbag.   

Although Hanarom is an Elf, heís depicted as another race in the sense of the Lord Of The Rings characters.   I might even suggest that he would give Legolas a run for his money on sex appeal.  He and Kaiya form an instant connection through their strong character, love of nature and sense of honor.  The trials and dangers they encounter really bring them closer.  Itís refreshing to see Kaiya save and defend Hanarom nearly as often as he does her.  In so many different ways, Ms. Hatfield depicts them as equals, and does a great job of uniting two very different people together by playing up their similarities.   The love scenes are passionate, sultry and sensuously written. 

Overall, A Magical Encounter delivered on adventure and romance, and more than earned its HEA.   I would strongly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a successful melding of these genres.


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