Alpha Within by Mima

A Bonded Fantasy, Book 3

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-402-5

Reviewed by Indy



Using her ability to assist people who desperately want children, Luna has lived on the outside of the law. Moving from place to place hasnít made it any easier to come to terms with the new identities sheís forced to take or risk being captured and imprisoned for her perceived crimes. Dar is the alpha of a Snowcat clan whose need for children has taken on epic proportions. Finding Luna hasnít been easy but now that she is willing to return to his clan her arrival raises another issue. Darís beast recognizes Luna as its mate but the animal that lives in him is something Luna fears. Fear that comes from years of being alone and on the run, fear that brings with it shame for both Luna and Dar. They are both destined to be miserable if Luna is unable to come to terms with the bestial side that lives within Dar and that wants to claim her as its own.

In a series that showcases one interesting clan after another Alpha Within is the story of a clan of snowcats who are having trouble having children. Desperate is putting it mildly as the clan deals with its inability to continue its race. Dar the alpha of the clan has had to deal with a lot coming into power as a young cat, his loneliness is nothing compared to his despair at how his people are suffering. Hunting down the mage known for her skills with fertility and feared because of whispers that there is something dark to her magic doesnít stop Darís need to have her for more than just his people. Luna is a caring mage, who gave up her own life to help others with the desire for children. Her inner turmoil added a depth to the story. I connected with her character just because of the good in her heart that was evident in all her actions. Dar and Lunaís relationship is fraught with tension and full of road blocks, but that only makes their pairing even more beautiful to observe. Mimaís Bonded Fantasy series has been one to watch as she weaves a world where shifters abound and magic is common. I canít wait to see what this series has in store for readers next.


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