All the Trees in Pearl by Emily Ryan-Davis

Elloraís Cave

Historical Western Romance

ISBN: 9781419916687

Reviewed by Tanya



Widow Margaret Redde is facing an uncertain future in Connecticut so she takes a chance and becomes a mail order bride.  She has exchanged letters with a young rancher in Colorado and is looking forward to what her new life will bring.  She is realistic it wonít be a marriage for love, but if she can have a stable place, a man, and a family to love, that is more than she can hope for.  But when she arrives in Pearl, something is definitely wrong.  The man she has come to find didnít order a wife, and doesnít want one.  Matter of fact, he has never written to her and knows nothing of her.

As things unravel, it is determined that Ethanís brother was the one who wrote the letters.  He set the charade up and then before it could come to fruition, he leaves town.  Now what is Ethan going to do? He doesnít want the family name to be tarnished by this incident.  More importantly, what does Margaret have for options? She spent her last dime traveling to Colorado.

What are the two of them going to do about their attraction to each other that seems to only grow each time they look at one another?

All the Trees in Pearl is a fun, heart touching, erotic story about a mail order bride.  I felt that the author did a superb job in setting the scene for the misunderstanding between the two main characters.  I enjoyed Ms. Ryan-Davisís style of writing as well as the subject matter she chose.  Reading her bio, it looks like she has the same eclectic writing tastes as I have reading tastes. I look forward to more stories by her.  If you like to see stories with twists and turns from the early to mid 1800ís in the American West, then you will enjoy All the Trees in Pearl. It is a tale of stubborn pride turning into love.


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