A Hidden Beauty by Jamie Craig

Samhain Publishing

Historical Gay Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-009-7

Reviewed by Sabella



The only place where Micah Yardley’s interest in poetry is taken seriously is in Harvard where he is a student of letters.  As a budding author, Micah sets out to the wilds of Wroxham, Massachusetts, to see if he can convince the famous poet Jefferson Dering to give him some pointers to improve his poetic compositions.  However, once Micah meets Jefferson, they strike up a friendship that surpasses their love of poetry.  But will Micah accept this side of their relationship or will he let his fear dictate his actions?

Ever since Jefferson Dering was run out of Boston, he has led a quiet life in the village of Wroxham.  He has his poetry to pass the hours and strangely, the local resident ghost has attached himself to Jefferson, providing a strangely comforting companionship during Jefferson’s bouts of insomnia.  When Micah busts into Jefferson’s life, he brings his passion and enthusiasm that sweeps Jefferson along, but also brings to life a part of Jefferson that he thought long buried.  As their relationship grows, Jefferson can’t help but let Micah know that he feels more than mere friendship – but will his past repeat itself?

Both Micah and Jefferson must struggle with their inner demons and decide if the love they feel for one another is worth the risk and sacrifice.  But when Jefferson’s ghost starts becoming more than an unseen presence and progresses to violence, Micah and Jefferson must decide if appeasing the ghost is worth risking their lives.

A Hidden Beauty is a timeless romance that skillfully weaves the love of poetry through its pages until it becomes almost a language of its own between the characters.  Jamie Craig wrote a spectacular and lyrical tale of love between two men who must battle their socially-ingrained repellence to the feelings they incite in each other.   Micah is a young, naïve, and exuberant young man who has pursued his love of poetry against his family’s objections.  When he unexpectedly finds a kindred soul in Jefferson, he is overjoyed, even if a little confused by his reaction to the man.  Jefferson is a mature man who has been burned in the past for pursuing his desires, but he nonetheless is swept away by Micah’s charm.  A Hidden Beauty is not a story for the casual, laidback reader. Its prose is very complex and deep, requiring the reader’s undivided attention to fully capture the characters' flavors and emotions.  Also, there is a substantial build-up to the culmination of the relationship between Micah and Jefferson, which I felt was resolved rather quickly and simply, given the length of the book.  A Hidden Beauty is not a light or short read, but it is well worth the time and attention for those readers who enjoy the emotional courtship aspect of romance!


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