Zen of Passion by Terri Carnis
New Concepts Publishing
Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Bella



Angela Martinez is eager to climb the corporate ladder.  So, when her company sends her to a leadership seminar to test her management potential, she’s eager to comply.  Typically in a hurry, Angela dashes into the first door she sees down in the hallway marked Seminars.  Not seeing the sign obscured by the door, Angela inadvertently walks into Tantric Training for Sex Therapists.  There, she meets Master Yao Tsen.  Yao becomes her Tantric trainer for the weekend. 

Angela is a little surprised with some of the exercises she’s asked to do with this deliciously mysterious man, but figures the exercises must be unorthodox ways of weeding out the weak.  By the time she realizes she’s truly in the wrong seminar, she’s come to feel something for Yao and has to make some decisions involving her career, and her heart.

Zen of Passion is a delightfully unique tale of spiritual love and passion.  Angela’s incredible malleability in a situation that could only be described as unexpected is admirable.  The heat and psychic bond that develops between Angela and Yao is nothing short of sultry, so steamy it’s tangible. I would love to see Terri Carnis take this story further, witness what develops as the characters bring their passionate weekend back to their worlds and how their decisions impact their lives.  All in all, Zen of Passion is a thoroughly enjoyable read.


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