With a Vengeance by Cynthia Rayne
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 1-58608-
Reviewed by Cassie



NYPD Police detective Jacqueline “Jack” Dobbs has been working a grueling child molestation case for weeks.  She’s not sleeping or eating well, consumed with the need to catch the molester before he hurts another child.  As the case becomes increasingly difficult, she becomes aware of a “Mystery Man” who seems to be watching her every move.  Is the Mystery Man out to help her, or is he an assassin as she suspects he is?

With a Vengeance combines a police story with paranormal elements.  I liked Jack’s toughness, as well as her strong desire for justice.  Her partner, Hal, made a great supporting character as a father figure and one of the only people Jack truly cares about.  The police officers’ banter seemed realistic, as did the grim details of the case Jack sought to close.  The thing that kept me from loving this story, however, was the “mystery man” hero.  At some points, he was needlessly vague and the first few scenes between them came off as unsettling rather than hot because of his inconsistent behavior.  Their initial interactions didn’t seem romantic to me.  Cynthia Rayne’s paranormal twist was creative, and I enjoyed the police procedural aspects, but the ending left me feeling as if I didn’t really know the characters at all.


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