Windswept by Kate Hill
Elloraís Cave
Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1419908767
Reviewed by Sabella



Parker Rigby is trying to decide if he wants to keep living his life.  He is an ER doctor who is perilously close to being burnt out by the stress of his job, the recent tragedy in his family coupled with their rejection in reaction to it.  Parker is feeling ready to give up.  So Parker has headed to the mountains that he loves with some extras in his backpack, just in case he makes up his mind as to what to do with himself.  What Parker doesnít expect is to come across someone who needs his help and also reminds him how good it feels to be alive.

Jindra Salman is a Raptvyn, a bird shape-shifter.  He is flying home in response to a summons when he is shot out of the air.  When Jindra wakes up he is being tended by a gorgeous man, but Jindra sneaks out when Parker falls asleep.  However, Jindraís reaction to Parker intrigues him enough to delay the rest of his trip and observe the fascinating man.  Next thing he knows he is rescuing Parker and revealing the fact that he is a shape-shifter. Now, Jindra just needs to make Parker understand that while this makes him different, its still worth pursuing the attraction they feel for one another.

Windswept is a fascinating story.  Parker and Jindra are so well drawn that you canít help but become involved in their romance.  The secondary characters are wonderful highlights in the action.  Kate Hill wrote a fast paced and wonderfully erotic story.  The sensuality and sense of discovery that Parker and Jindra experience as they realize that they are falling in love with each other is captivating as it unfolds.  Windswept is a great story and I will definitely be looking for more books by Kate Hill.


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