Wild, Wild Women of the West by Delilah Devlin, Layla Chase, and Myla Jackson
Erotic Historical/Anthology
ISBN: 978-0758219817
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Taste of Honey by Delilah Devlin

Honey Cafferty is bonafide wagon driving traveling salesperson.  Brewing her own concoctions, she can sell just about anything to anybody.  Landing in One-Mule, Texas, Honey sells every bottle she has of her libido improving ‘medicine’ to the women of the town.  When the men start complaining to Sheriff Joe Tanner about how the women are acting all sweet and smiling, the sheriff had had enough.  Marching to the colorful wagon, Joe figures he will run the money-grabbing prankster out of town.  He didn’t count on wanting a Taste of Honey.

Queen of Hearts by Layla Chase

Lisse Tayte can’t afford to not pay attention to what she is doing.  Playing her way to earning a place in a high stakes poker game, she has to pay attention to what she is doing.  When the owner of the riverboat comes around, Lisse is more than distracted, she is hot under the collar in the worst way.  As the stakes rise, so does their arousal.  Who will win the Queen of Hearts?


Touch of Magic by Myla Jackson

Houdini doesn’t have anything on the Amazing Catarina!  When she captivates a disbelieving cowboy into howling like a wolf, she also sublimely suggests a bit of naughty play in her room as well.   When the cowboy catches on, he turns the tables on Catarina and gives her a run for her money.  Is their attraction for each other real or is it a Touch of Magic?


I will be the first to say that reading and reviewing anthologies are not my cup of tea.   However, I have read nothing like the Wild, Wild Women of the West.  I found myself laughing out loud at the antics of Catarina and her cowboy, I steamily fantasized about Lisse’s riverboat owner, and I achingly wanted Honey’s sheriff.   Each story in and of itself was a truly enticing and entertaining read.  This anthology was a perfect mix of three talented authors and I thoroughly enjoyed each story.  Cowboys and wild women.   Who can go wrong reading this? I know I didn’t.


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