Wild Ones by Kira Stone
ISBN 978-1-59596-596-7
Reviewed by Rosemary



After being bitten by a wolf, Billy canít get control of the wild forces running through him.  He makes the best of it by carving out a territory in the Canadian wildness, but he is not happy with this strange new life.  He shifts during the full moon, and craves sex.

Luc is alpha to a small pack of men who are special werewolves; they have the ability to control the elements, air, earth, fire, and water.  Luc knows Billy is the spirit wolf he has been searching for, Luc is determined to convince Billy he is the wind element needed to complete their pack and share their love.  

Wild Ones is a unique story of acceptance.  Billy is a loner with an attitude.  He canít understand what has happened to him, and he canít control these new urges he feels.  Billyís first instinct is to fight to protect his territory.  Luc uses that instinct to lure Billy into capture just long enough to help Billy deal with his new life.  The three sexy pack members are a turn on that Billy canít resist.  Kira Stoneís Love scenes are hot, the sensual love play is tantalizing.  Wild Ones calls to the inner beast in me, an excellent story.


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