Wild and Wanton by Brit Blaise
Amber Heat
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 1-59279-589-7
Reviewed by Georgia



Incapacitated by panic attacks, Beth has spent the last two years secluded in her apartment.  Using the Internet, Beth discovers Madam Parushka’s Magic Elixir, which promises the fulfillment of her fantasies.  She transforms herself, for just one evening, into Mandy Minx, an exotic dancer at the Cat Club.  There she meets Nick, the bouncer at the club, and the man to fulfill the rest of her fantasies.  But Beth only has one evening…will it be enough?

Undercover agent Nick Coulter has never had a problem separating business and pleasure; after all, he’s never been interested in a stripper before.  Yet Mandy Minx, the newest dancer, has just been given one of the counterfeit twenties he’s been on the lookout for.  Will he be able to keep his professionalism in tact when he’s examining the evidence in Mandy’s g-string?

As usual, Ms. Blaise has mixed an interesting plot, intense characters and sizzling hot sex to create a story you won’t want to miss.  Wild and Wanton definitely describes the two main characters and their actions in this quick, hot read.  I truly enjoyed the fact that they were both stepping out of their comfort zones to experience something they never dreamed of.  In addition, I liked how all of the things that occurred were later linked back to their fantasies…fun and sexy!


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