Weathering the Storm by Kelley Vitollo
Forbidden Publications
Reviewed by Cassie



Stephanie Bridges would be happy never to have to see the man who dumped her again.  Unfortunately, she has to pick up some supplies for her carpentry work, and Luc Carr owns the only hardware store in town.  When they have to ride out a storm together in the hardware store, will they patch things up or make things worse?

Weathering the Storm has a pretty basic premise: exes forced into close proximity by some sort of bad situation.  Luckily, this story rises above the cliché because it features such likeable characters.  Stephanie is a hardheaded, tomboyish carpenter with a secret vulnerability.  Luc is a sexy, self-assured guy who knows what he wants and won’t settle for less, yet he’s also very caring.  I enjoyed reading their rocky journey toward rediscovering love.  Weathering the Storm only had one real problem, which was a biggie for a grammar geek like me.  There were enough editing errors that I was pulled out of the story a few times, which was unfortunate given the overall quality of the tale.  Even so, I enjoyed Weathering the Storm, and if you’re in the mood for a quick, sweet contemporary, you probably will too.


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