War Wolf by Emma Ray Garrett
Pret Ops Series, Book 2
Changeling Press
Contemporary Paranormal/Fantasy (M/M/F)
ISBN: 978-1-59596-649-0
Reviewed by Sabella



Joshua Black has lived in isolation even within a community of paranormals.  Joshua is known as the War Wolf within their military corps and his mere name is enough to instill fear in the heart of anyone.  Joshua is part goblin, sidhe and werewolf. His appearance is far from human looking.  This has served to make many see him as a quick thrill to be bragged about to others.  After all how many people can handle a lover that is just a little bigger, wilder, rougher than your average guy?

Karia Logan is a diplomat with rare talents.  When she is called to assist in a military operation she dreads coming face to face with a past fling that refuses to stay in the past, Jeremiah.  However, Karia is eager to meet a man she has long admired from afar, War Wolf.  Now she just needs to hold on the façade of indifference when dealing with Jeremiah and try not to look like a drooling teenager in front of Joshua.  But the bigger problem is that she lusts after both men, and how will she hide that?

Jeremiah Dean is a vampire that has lived long enough to know what he wants and he has determined that the time has come for him to get it.  The perfect situation has come up to bring together Karia and Joshua.  And he is not going to pass it up.  Now Jeremiah needs to bring all his natural charm to bear to bring them all together.

War Wolf is an enjoyable read that will draw you in from the start.  The emotional vulnerability of the characters is very fascinating and you can’t help but feel for them and hope for that perfect ending where they all get what they want.  Joshua and Jeremiah are both incredibly appealing while being polar opposites physically and in personality, yet still being strong Alpha males.  When you think of Joshua, think Wolverine from the X-Men.  On the other hand we have a strong woman in Karia that is secure in her femininity and can still kick ass.  War Wolf should go in your to-buy list if you enjoy fantastic realities and characters that live comfortably in them.

This is the second book of the Pret Ops series, but it can also be read as a stand alone book.


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