View from the Top by Carolina Valdez
Amber Heat
Contemporary / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-040-4 (Electronic)
Reviewed by Cassie



Keegan O’Neill is working as a roofer, but only because her billionaire father wants her to know his construction business from the ground up before she takes a high-ranking position there.  While working on the roof, she observes a hot guy in his condo in various states of undress.  Later, she meets that same man, law student Hunter Ingram, while surfing, and agrees to go out with him.  She hides her true identity because she’s always had trouble with guys only liking her for her father’s money.  Will Hunter forgive Keegan when he finds out her secret?

View from the Top takes a standard plot device (rich person hides identity from their lover) and adds a dash of voyeurism to the mix.  Hunter was a great hero—sweet, caring, and sexy.  I wasn’t quite as fond of Keegan.  For most of the book her fish-out-of water attempt to appear middle class was amusing, but a few times she got a bit too whiny, especially after Hunter discovered her secret.  The voyeurism aspect of the story was entertaining, and the secondary characters added depth to the story.  The only real complaint I have with this one is that some of the dialogue during the love scenes was a bit cheesy.  Still, Carolina Valdez has crafted an interesting tale of deception and redemption.  Readers who like contemporary romance, the ocean, and “secret” stories should enjoy View from the Top.


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