Up in Flames by Ember Sinclair
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 9781600880896
Contemporary/Suspense Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Detective Kat Ashboork (aka Flame) wants to find a killer bad.  She decides that her past bartending experience and dance classes may come in handy and goes undercover.  At her interview, the bar’s owner Conner “Con” Mercer is instantly attracted to her and she is surprised to find herself distracted by him.  To make matters worse she is not only attracted to him but he is her prime suspect for the murders of 3 of his former staff.

Con just wants to make his bar a success.  He is the son of a successful businessman and ever since he went to jail for the murder of an old girlfriend, which he claims to be innocent of, he has been considered the family screw up.  Con has done his time and wants to move on, and has found the formula for doing that in a smoking-hot new bar.  He is angry and frustrated that someone seems to be targeting only his employees. 

Kat is doing everything she can to fight the attraction and is surprised when Con backs off for a while, which leads Kat to try to find the killer, but she is having no luck.  When a spiteful prank locks both Kat and Con in the basement, they both give into their lust and find out the identity of the murder, but will they live to tell about it?

Up In Flames is a thoroughly enjoyable offering by Ember Sinclair.  Ms. Sinclair has given her characters nice depth and believable wit.  The erotic dancing and other scenes in this story will make more than one reader sweat.  Up in Flames is a wonderful debut novel by this new author.  I look forward to reading more by her.


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