Under Tannerís Thumb by Sage Burnett
Siren Publishing
Contemporary/Fairy Tale
ISBN 1-933563-03-6-A4
Reviewed by Rosemary



Lonely rancher Tanner Clinton is talking to his five year old nephew Jeremy on the phone when Jeremy casts a spell to turn Tanner into Tom Thumb and he must kiss a fairy princess to return to his normal size.  Suddenly a two-inch naked man appears on Camille Bartonís porch asking if he can spend the night.  Next morning Camille awakens to find a six-foot naked man in her bed.

Under Tannerís Thumb is a delightful tale of the magic of love.  Sexy Tanner finds Camille is just his type of woman.  Camille finds Tanner is not like the losers she has dated before.  Sage Burnett has created a funny and very sensual romp between the sheets that I enjoyed.  I look forward to reading more in the future.


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