Under Arrest by CB Potts, Vincent Diamond, and
James Buchanan
Torquere Press
Taste Test
Reviewed by Cassie



A Cold Nightís Sleep by Vincent Diamond

After a terrible fire ended his police career, Sandy Richter became a park ranger, staying holed up in his isolated cabin.  During a terrible storm, Mitchell Tanner, an ex-con, has a car accident and turns up at Sandyís cabin.  Will Sandy take Tanner up on his offer of a night together?

A Cold Nightís Sleep was a very well written story.  It was easy to care about Sandy, and Tannerís tenderness toward him was wonderful.  I enjoyed this story very much, but there was one flaw: there is no HEA.  While the ending is realistic, the hopeless romantic in me was disappointed.


Small Town Lawmen by CB Potts

DEA Agent Dylan Garvey is in a small town investigating potential drug-runners when he crosses the path of Sheriff Win Hamill.  Garvey is concerned that the sheriff will ruin his investigation, while Win doesnít even know Garvey is an agent.  When these two lawmen meet up, will the misunderstandings be cleared up?

Small Town Lawmen had an interesting premise and several laugh-out-loud moments, but was a difficult read due to the point-of-view.  CB Potts chose to use first person, but rather than choosing just one of the men to tell the story through, she switched between the two.  The switches were frequent and confusing, forcing me to reread several parts because I didnít know what character things were happening to. 


Pat Down by James Buchanan

Former class clown Jeff gets drunk, gets into a fight in the parking lot, and then nearly gets arrested by his high school crush, Chris Mathers.  When he realizes who the officer is, he compounds his mistake by running away.  Of course he gets caught, and Chris gives him a pat down.

Pat Down is by far the hottest story in this collection!  I loved the high school crush angle.  Jeff is a great characterófunny, too quick to act at times, and endearingly self-deprecating.  Chris is an interesting mix of hardass, daring, and uncertain.  I love James Buchananís work, and after reading this story Iíll never watch a pat down on a police show the same way again!


Under Arrest is an interesting collection of law-enforcement themed stories.  The three stories were very different from each other, providing a nice variety.  If you like men in uniform, then Under Arrest is a good way to read about some sexy lawmen and try out some new authors at the same time.


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