Tying Tempest by Reese Gabriel
Elloraís Cave
Erotic BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-4199-0969-6
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Tempest Tyler is attending an art show focused on the work by sculptor Aiden Phillips.  When she comes across a piece of work showing a blindfolded woman happily submitting, she is both outraged as well as aroused.  Ready to leave but unable to stop looking at the sculpture, she meets the artist himself, Aiden Phillips.  Little does she know that Aiden is a man that knows what she needs as a woman with one glance, and before their time together is over, she will have submitted to him as completely.

Aiden Phillips is a sexual Dominant.  When he comes across a fiery looking woman snarling at his sculpture, he sees more than just her irritation, he sees a woman fighting what she is with every bit of fire within herself.  When he exposes himself as the artist and lets Tempest know exactly what he cherishes in a woman, he watches the woman he knows as Tempest becomes aroused but angry.  Vowing then and there to show her exactly what she needs, Aiden may have bitten off more than he can chew.

First off, I adore Reese Gabriel.  I adore his heroes and I often times see myself in his heroines.  His novels never fail to entice and completely enthrall me.  Tying Tempest, however, was different than any of his other novels.  I loved the hero, Aiden Phillips.  He was commanding, forceful, and awe inspiring.  I wanted to submit to him and I wanted Tempest to submit to him.  My problem lay with Tempestís characterization.  I found her whiny, bitchy, and totally unlikable.  I wanted to grab a flogger myself and bring welts just for the fact that she was so totally obnoxious I couldnít find a thing to make me care whether she was safely dominated or not.  Her character and persona just did not sit well with me.   Will I stop reading Reese Gabriel?  Nope.  Will I recommend Tying Tempest?  Yes, but with a warning that the heroine is a bit of a brat.  She ruined the entire book for me but didnít ruin my love of Reese Gabriel.  For him alone I will continue to read his novels. 


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