True of Heart by M.L. Rhodes
The Draegan Lords Series, Book 1
Amber Heat
GLBT Fantasy/Shapeshifter (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60272-015-2
Reviewed by Sabella



Gaige Rizik is the Captain of the High Guard of the Sorcerer Byram, who rules Velensperia.  Gaige has been sent on a mission to find the commander of the Draegan insurgents and the location of their main camp.  Gaige finds and insinuates himself into the camp.  But he discovers things about himself and the Draegans that he never imagined.  What will he do now that he is seeing the world in a different way?

Keiran Hareldson is the leader of the Draegans, but he only seeks peace for his people so they can co-exist with the humans as they once did.  When he meets Gaige, he feels an immediate attraction to the man that he can’t deny.  How will he ever reconcile that man he knows with the “reality” of the life that Gaige has lived in the past?

True of Heart is a wonderful fantasy story that involves all the great elements that I look for: magic, intrigue, romance, faith and redemption.  Throughout the story we can see Gaige growing into the man he might have been if he hadn’t lived under the Sorcerer’s command.  And Keiran is wonderful in his strength of character and in his faith of Gaige’s good heart.  Yet, the eroticism of the encounters between Gaige and Keiran will scorch you every time.  True of Heart is a wonderful read, but its ending has loose ends that I hope will be picked up in the next book of the series.


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