Trouble by Mike Shade
Torquere Press
Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Cassie



Sheriff’s deputy Wil Crow is new in town when he happens upon a bar fight involving Max Killian, a local with a reputation for being trouble.  Wil drives Max home and ends up agreeing to go fishing with him in a few days.  They have an intense attraction to each other, but can a relationship between a cop and a troublemaker survive?

Trouble had a great premise—a cop and a slacker / town troublemaker trying to build a relationship.  I liked Wil and Max, and it is easy to root for them.  They both had issues in their pasts, as well as the present problem of everyone thinking Wil should stay away from Max, plus homophobic locals. Yet they were both willing to try and work through their issues to be together.  The only real problem with this story (and I can’t believe I’m about to say this) was there is too much sex.  The love scenes were hot and well done, but it seemed at times like plot and character development took a backseat to the sex.  I wanted to see more of their emotional connection.  Despite this flaw, which some people might not find to be a flaw at all, I enjoyed Trouble and plan to check out more of Mike Shade’s work in the future.


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