Too Hot To Handle by Anne Ireland
ISBN 1-60186-173-7
Reviewed by Rosemary



From the moment Rafe Wilde meets Sylvie Penrith at his uncle’s Paris apartment, something about his uncle’s assistant makes him curious, she was beautiful, sexy and yet vulnerable, an oddly appealing mix.   Sylvie had never met anyone who had made such an instant impression or felt such an instant attraction to as Rafe. 

Too Hot to Handle is explosive and sensual.  Anne Ireland weaves a story full of uncertainties as Rafe and Sylvie try to find the path to love.  Sylvie is looking for marriage, but is forced to accept that Rafe is just a fling.  Rafe wanted an affair, but was not willing to give Sylvie up to meet some other man.  I was intrigued by Rafe whose character is flawed just enough to make him lovable and Too Hot to Handle.


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