Tiger’s Tail by Liz Craven
Tigre Series, Book 2
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Indy



The female rebel of her Pride has caused more than one gray hair on Selene’s mother’s head.  Her unwillingness to become just another breeder for the continuation of her family’s lineage, Selene lives among humans, resisting her nature’s call.  Going back home for a ceremony to welcome the Alpha leader’s new mate calls for drastic measures if she’s to prevent the call of her own possible mate.  Nature refuses to be denied however, when her Alpha’s Man-at-Arms, Carrick, turns out to be her fears to come to light and everything she needs.

In the latest installment of a pretty sexy Tigre series, Liz Craven creates a spirited heroine who is a clash of personal characteristics that are full of independence, which wars with her nature and need for her mate.  The perfect compliment to her is Carrick; strong, intelligent and best of all understanding.  For a novella, I was impressed with how deeply I was able to connect with the characters of Tiger’s Tail and enjoy their touching, yet humorous melding. This story actually made me want to see more from this Pride which has some interesting members and men that seem to activate the drool factor.


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