The Warrior’s Gift by Bonnie Dee
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ISBN: 978-1-596-32-464-0
Reviewed by Tanya



Set in a fantasy world, which loosely resembles medieval times, with a few special weapons.  Katya has been chosen to be the ‘bride’ of a warrior.  In this society the Guardians control all, by controlling the warriors from birth to death, and the warriors are the protectors of the land.  They require that every so often a young maiden be given the ‘honor’ of becoming a warriors bride, once wed they are never again seen by the villagers.

Katya is terrified and has not asked for this ‘honor’ nor is she going to be easily won over.  But, what she finds in Turan is different than what she expected.

Turan is stunned with the beauty that is brought to his cell.  He is fascinated with the stories she tells about villages and families etc.  But, his ingrained training is hard to overcome.  Will his feelings for Katya start a change that will free them all, or will the training take over?

The Warriors Gift was a wonderful story of new love and survival.  I enjoyed how the author challenged the reader to see how there is good in most people, and that it can blossom if given the proper care.  Bonnie does a wonderful job in creating a fantasy historical story that you could image having taken place somewhere in Europe long ago.  The Warriors Gift is a wonderful addition to the genre.


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