The Switch by Evangeline Anderson
Rites of Spring Interlude
Loose Id
Erotic BDSM/Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-438-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Cole and Alex have been together for a year.  A year in which they have played out their deepest fantasies with each other and through it all, they have realized how much they love and cherish each other.  There was just one thing missing; Alex wanted to tie up Cole to see if she could be in charge for once.  What starts out as an experiment ends up being a reiteration of the fact that while Alex is in charge of herself and her person outside of the bedroom, Cole is in charge while inside the bedroom. 

I loved this erotic interlude.  Having been a fan of Alex and Cole ever since reading Dangerous Cravings, also by Evangeline Anderson, I especially loved seeing their story continue.  Cole is in charge and thatís the way Alex likes it.  If she didnít, Cole could make her like it and knowing that, just turned me into a big pile of goo!

For a second look at the characters of Dangerous Cravings, The Switch is a scorcher.  Cole and Alex continue to be one of my favorite couples.  They are smoking hot and they are in love; I couldnít ask for anything more.


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