The Sound of Cicadas by Tory Temple
Torquere Press
GLBT Romance (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Jackson Wilcox is going to his high school reunion under duress.  His best friend is making him go, but nothing good is bound to come out of it.  After all, high school was stupid, right?  Although when the unexpected happens and Jack bumps into his high school crush, things heat up.  The question is: will Jack have the guts to follow through and get to know him again or will he just settle for a one night stand?

The Sound of Cicadas is a truly poignant story.  Through the characters we get to live the rollercoaster of emotions that you experience when coming across an old flame that you though never to see again, but have never quite forgotten.  The characters were so well drawn that you canít help being pulled into the story.  The Sound of Cicadas is a book that you might want to save and read when you find your self in a wistful mood.


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