The Senatorís Daughter by Debbie Wallace
Whiskey Creek Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59374-713-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Brent Howard has been asked by his good friend, Senator Adams, to kidnap his daughter in order to keep her from marrying her fiancť.  Brent usually isnít attracted to shorter women, but when he sees Sophie Adams at an art function, he canít help himself.   When her fiancť comes near her, he watches her body language and decides then and there that he will do what his friend wants.  He is going to kidnap the senatorís daughter.

Sophie Adams is getting married tomorrow amidst rumors of her fiancťís harsh ways and business dealings.  Knowing first hand the type of man he is, Sophie doesnít have a choice.  She has a senator to protect; her father.

The Senatorís Daughter was actually a very good book.  The kidnapping of Sophie went off easier than, I think, a real life kidnapping would, but it was believable.  I found myself becoming just as enthralled with Brent Howard as Sophie.  He was loyal without being overbearing and I loved how he took care of Sophie in spite of his supposed role as a mean kidnapper.  Sophieís devotion to her father was plain to see given her engagement to a dangerous man. 

You wonít go wrong reading The Senatorís Daughter.  It was romantic, suspenseful at times and just an all around good read.  Thumbs up for Debbie Wallace!


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