The Princess and the Curse by SA Martin
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN 1-58608-998-6
Reviewed by Cassie



Fisherman Nolan Tremaine is well-known in his village for his tall tales, which he tells to anyone who will listen.  When he tells a stranger one of his exaggerated stories, the man challenges him to sail to the country of Connachta and bring back the Bell of Bellarmine.  Unwilling to admit heís a braggart and has never heard of the country, Nolan accepts the challenge.  He arrives in Connachta only to discover the Bell is actually a Belle!  Will he be able to save a princess from disaster without losing everything to the stranger he bet?

The Princess and the Curse is a fairy tale for grown-ups.  As I read, I felt almost like Iíd been transported back to my childhood.  SA Martinís writing is very reminiscent of the classic fairy tales.  Nolan started out as a careless braggart, but over the course of the story he became much more heroic.  Princess Leslie vacillates between being grateful for Nolanís help and being a bit of a brat at first, but by the end she has become a caring and helpful woman.  Of course, the situations the two lead characters find themselves in are completely unbelievable, but as this is a fairy tale thatís to be expected!  If youíre in the mood for a sweet fairy tale, The Princess and the Curse will certainly fit the bill.


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