The Mead Steed by Rusty Wicks
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Reviewed by Tanya



Rose decides that marriage isnít what she thought it would be.  Once the ring went on her finger she is suddenly alone more than she was when she was single.  She is working in a diner and hating every minute of it and never sees her husband as he prefers the company of either his buddies, a bottle or both, to her.

She decides to change everything and asks for a divorce, which her husband doesnít fight.  Then she moves to a remote part of Maine and is studying to be a web designer.  She likes her new place but is shocked by the number of things that everyone seems to know about each other in a small town.

At the local market she meets the owner Tom and they instantly click.  But, after their first date which Rose thought was amazing he suddenly becomes illusive and doesnít call.  Tom is concerned that the large surprise that he is hiding in his jeans will be the ruin of their relationship and figures the best way to avoid the break up is to not get involved.

Rose decides that if he is ignoring her she will ignore him and date.  But, she finds herself thinking of Tom frequently.  Will one of them come to their senses?

The Mead Steed is a fun fast paced story with quite a few well written steamy scenes.  It is an enjoyable read, though if you are from Maine you might find the stereotypes a bit over the top.  Rusty Wicks obviously enjoys writing humorous scenes and does a good job in this story.  This story is for you if you canít resist a hot man, irresistible girl and a Moose or two thrown in.


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