The Invasion of Falgannon Isle by Deborah MacGillivray
Love Spell
ISBN: 0505-52691-3
Reviewed by Jen



The Lady of Falgannon Isle, Barbara Anne (B.A. for short) Montgomerie, sets up a website inviting single ladies to sample the delights of Falgannon Isle in the hope that the new magic of the Internet might combat the old Pictish curse that decrees that the Lady must be happily wed before women will ever live on the island.

Desmond Meashan lands on the Isle without the Lady’s permission.  B.A. is hard pushed to appear unimpressed since he seems to be the answer to the ancient curse – the island will breed only male children until B.A. marries a man with green eyes, dark hair and Irish ancestry.  The entire island is cautiously ecstatic, hoping their troubles are over.  They keep close watch on the couple’s struggles.  But Desmond has sworn to make the Montgomerie family pay for past crimes, and arrives with dark thoughts in mind.

This is an entertaining, imaginative romp with a whimsical cast of male islanders all desperate for wives and girlfriends.  I enjoyed The Invasion of Falgannon Isle. The characters are both memorable and lovable, and the mix of fantasy and reality is cunningly and believably done.  Deborah MacGillivray’s wonderful creation includes a poker-playing cat that wins Rolex watches and bites people affectionately.  She also manages the slow twist from comedy to anguish very well indeed.  The motivations and emotions of the hero and heroine are exceptionally well drawn and the final denouement is a heart-stopper.


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