The Exile: A Seductive Tale by Adrianna Dane
The Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl
Amber Heat
ISBN 978-1-30272-012-1
Reviewed by Rosemary



Linus Materson is the master of the arts, an immortal from the Isle of Mannos.  He returned to the mainland because of his love for one man, an initiate he could not totally possess.  During dinner in a restaurant, he meets another man who reminds Linus of the object of his desire.  Sam, a waiter is wearing a midnight pearl, marking him as a mainland member, draws Linusís attention and he is determined to show Sam how good it can be at the hands of a master. 

The Exile: A Seductive Tale is a sensuous tale of love lost and a new love found.  Linusís object of desire was exiled from the island for betrayal.  Linus moved to the mainland in hopes of finding Alonzo and having a life with him, but he didnít find Alonzo.  When Sam learned of Alonzo, he was determined to make Linus love him and forget his former love.  Adrianna Dane paints a beautiful picture of paradise and the ecstasy of being a receiver of love.  I completely enjoyed The Exile: A Seductive Tale.


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