The Dark Horse by Josh Lanyon
Loose Id
Contemporary Suspense (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-443-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Sean Fairchild just survived every Hollywood starís nightmare - a stalker.  The best, unexpected benefit to this whole episode has been his relationship with the cop sent to protect him, Daniel Moran.  However, his stalker seems to be back, but how can that be when he is supposed to be dead?  All this just makes Sean question his sanity, especially in light of his rather sketchy mental health history.  So is Sean being paranoid and maybe delusional or is there a real threat?

Daniel Moran is the poster child for the LAPD as a successful gay cop, so it wasnít unexpected that he was chosen to act as bodyguard to the hot, gay Hollywood actor.  When they finally catch the stalker, Daniel finds himself involved with Sean.  Now he is starting to wonder about Seanís sanity, when Sean starts insisting that his stalker isnít dead.

How are Sean and Dan supposed to build a relationship when they arenít sure whatís real and whatís not?

The Dark Horse is an interesting suspense story.  Josh Lanyon does an incredible job of building tension, casting credible doubt on Seanís sanity and casting Dan as the strong, mostly silent, cop.  However, at times I found myself losing my patience with Sean and his constant distrust of himself.  I also felt that the ďbad guyĒ was revealed without any indication that the characters were even moving in that direction.  The conflict between Sean and Dan, that they had to work through to get to their HEA wasnít resolved at the end of the book to my satisfaction.  However, I can say that The Dark Horse is not your run of the mill suspense and for that alone you should consider it.


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