The Concubine’s Tale by Jennifer Colgan
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN 1-58608-
Reviewed by Cassie



Cait Lang, Head Curator for the Madison-Greer Gallery, is irritated to have to offer a first view of a new gallery acquisition to cocky collector Grant Pierson.  She’s attracted to him despite his arrogance, but her boss’s rules state no dating clients.  Still, when Grant wants to hear the tale of the ancient Egyptian scroll, she obliges him over dinner.  Will the concubine’s tale lead to a happy ending for Cait and Grant?

The tale-within-a-tale setup of The Concubine’s Tale was very effective in drawing me into the story.  The present-day romance between Cait and Grant progressed with the past romance of Nayari and Khanu, getting hotter and hotter as Cait told the story.  I was on the edge of my seat to find out what had happened to the long-ago lovers, just as Grant was.  All of the characters in the story are likeable, the writing is good, and the parallel love scenes between the two couples are hot.  There’s even a bit of voyeurism in the ancient Egypt part of the story that added some spice to the book.  Jennifer Colgan did a great job of weaving two very different stories together almost seamlessly, making them both interesting and enjoyable.  The Concubine’s Tale is a great choice for anyone who likes historical romances, ancient Egypt, or multi-storylined books.


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