The Champion by Heather Grothaus
Paranormal Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-8217-8007-7
Reviewed by Nannette



Nicholas FitzTodd has no desire to marry.  He enjoys spending his days drinking and availing himself of any willing women so when he is forced to marry Simone DuRoche he is less than pleased.  Nick resents Simone for trapping him in to the marriage.

Rumors of Simone’s sanity surround her.  She’s not insane, but who would believe that she is visited by the ghost of her dead brother?

While Simone uncovers the secrets her mother left behind, she and Nick have to face magic, ghosts, and the demons of their pasts.

The Champion has a clever plot and many engaging characters, especially the brooding and handsome Nick, courageous and beautiful Simone and sweet and adorable Didier. The pages are full of mystery, romance and magical scenes.  The Champion’s dramatic and emotional ending held me riveted.  It’s an enchanting story.


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