The Bad Touch by Raven Willow-Wood
No Holes Barred 6
New Concepts Publishing
Reviewed by Cassie



Erasmus is in the club No Holes Barred on a mission.  His people can “read” the future of a relationship with one touch, making relationships boring, predictable, and undesirable.  He is in search of a race that is physically compatible but not readable.  Human Alana has recently been through a painful divorce, and she’s at No Holes Barred to find a one-night stand on the advice of her friend.  Will Erasmus get the mate he desires, or only one night?

When I first saw The Bad Touch in my inbox, I was a bit apprehensive.  The title didn’t sound appealing to me at all.  Luckily, I didn’t let the title scare me off (and neither should you).  The Bad Touch was a lot of fun to read!  The uncertainty and apprehension Erasmus felt when he couldn’t “read” Alana was amusing.  Alana’s struggle not to get attached after her bad experience seemed very realistic.  I loved reading these two characters’ stumbling journey into love, and if you like futuristic stories, I bet you’ll enjoy it too! 

*Note: While this is listed as part of the No Holes Barred series, I found it to be completely stand-alone*


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