Tempting Traditions by Marie Harte
Future Romance/Alien Race
Reviewed by Tanya



Sierra, call me CiCi, Merritt is a 30ish year old professional who is now to be married.  But not by her choice, it is actually her parents who have arranged this marriage for her.  This is not uncommon in 2647 with many marriages no longer based solely on love, but the marriage of corporations and families.  CiCi has been married to her job at Merritt Industries except for one disastrous relationship that she has never completely recovered from.  In the days that approach her wedding her best friend talks her into blowing off some steam at a hot spot on the planet where not only are her nuptials taking place, but it is the home planet of her groom.

Jonathan “Jack” Bain Wright the Third is also a workaholic but for Wright Enterprises.  His parent sset up this arranged marriage and didn’t tell him until the last minute.  Now he can’t figure out how to get out of it.  As a Tregonian shape shifter he has to be careful and in control of his other self, and he doesn’t know if he will be able to do this with a wife.  For his bachelor party his cousin suggests that they hit a particular hot spot.

CiCi and Jack are drawn to each other and hook up.  Will they figure out they really are fiancé’s before it is too late?

Tempting Traditions was a fast paced and spicy read.  I loved the idea of the arranged marriage that was almost thwarted by the bride and groom with each other.  Marie Harte developed characters that were not only believable but had a great chemistry together.  I hope Tempting Traditions is not the only story that will be set on this planet by Marie Harte; she has the potential for a winning series.  If you like steamy sex scenes with soul mates this book would make a good spring read for you.


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