Taking The Leap by Julia Talbot
Thatcher Brothers Novel
Torquere Press
Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-1-934166-78-9
Reviewed by Nannette



Ross Thatcher is traveling through Texas when he has some car trouble and pulls in to Tank Prestonís mechanic shop.  The men hit it off, so when Tank offers Ross a place to stay, Ross readily accepts.

Ross has been through a lot.  When he least expects it he may find happiness again though.

After reading the first two Thatcher Brothers Novels, I grew to love Jed, Eli, Ross, and even Kevin.  The second book broke my heart, so I was leery about reading this one and I almost didnít.  Iím so glad I did.  In the third book we meet Tank.  He is incredible.  Tank and Ross are very compatible   Julia Talbot really came through for Ross in Taking The Leap.  This story is one laugh after another.  Itís filled with good times, good food, good people and great sex.  Taking The Leap also has the best beginning of a story ever.  Read the first two and youíll see why itís just perfect!


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