Taking Instruction by Cheyenne McCray
Taboo Series, Book 1
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0982-5
Reviewed by Jo



Jessica Grayson is just finishing her last final in her freshman year in college.  To celebrate Jessica knows just what she wants…her English professor, Craig Bennett.  Jessica knows he isn’t disinterested because they have been eyeing each other all semester.  Now, while finishing her essay, Jessica wonders what to do.

Craig Bennett just has to get through the final and his temptation, Jessica, will be out of his sight until next fall when he knows she is registered in another of his classes.  Craig would love to see Jessica outside of the classroom but dating students is taboo for a professor and he has no intention of breaking it.  However, Craig has no idea just how determined Jessica is.

At the end of the day, Craig goes into this office only to discover Jessica on his desk…naked.  That afternoon Craig discovers that some taboos are made to be broken and Jessica soon discovers that Craig is much more than she ever imagined.  Craig offers Jessica a choice, when Jessica takes him up on it she discovers the world of BDSM – a new and wondrous world for Jessica, the newest bad girl. 

It takes no time for the words to just steam off the pages when I started Taking Instruction.  Jessica and Craig both instinctively know that the other is perfect for them and once that first step is taken there is no going back.  Watching Jessica learn the ins and outs of BDSM with Craig’s loving instruction had me turning the pages as fast as possible.  I always get Cheyenne McCray’s books based on her name alone and once again I was not disappointed.  While I realize that some readers will be uncomfortable with the subject matter, I found it to be well written and loving in execution by both characters.  All BDSM readers will want to read Taking Instruction to have in their library.  If you are just beginning to explore BDSM I think you will also enjoy the level Taking Instruction reaches.


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