Sword and Crown by Lauren Dane
Torrid Tarot – Queen of Swords
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419908897
Reviewed by Jo



Rhea Harris has spent the last fifteen years exiled on Earth after being betrayed by the very people she thought would always back her. Rhea is one of the strongest practitioners of sex magic and she had always used it to protect her world until that fateful night.  Now she has a new life on Earth giving talks at universities to students that either disbelieve or gush.   Rhea knows she is slowly losing herself and her magic the longer she stays on Earth.

Jaac (Jax) Sarne has come to get Rhea (or Sa’Rhea as he knew her) as a last desperate attempt to save their planet from the Nameless.  Jax knows that convincing Rhea to return to her home will not be an easy thing, but he has come prepared.  Once, Jax was Rhea’s first love and she would have done anything for him.  But like the others in her life, Jax had not helped Rhea at the one time she really needed him.

Rhea agrees to return and help with the Nameless, but on her terms.  Rhea might have to practice with Jax to protect her home, but she has no plans to ever let things between them get personal again.  Very quickly, Rhea realizes that there is more to this attack from the Nameless than before.  Jax plans on being more than just a practice partner to Rhea this time, he just has to convince her to trust him one more time.  When Rhea figures outs that the source of the attacks are much closer than anyone would have guessed, can Rhea trust her heart, soul and world to Jax’s love?

Sword and Crown takes fantasy into the erotic and sensual realm.  Rhea was exiled from her world when she should have been thanked for protecting her people.  Jax loved Rhea too deeply and ran from her only to realize, too late, exactly what he had done.  Now they have to work together to save their world from a killer attack.  Introducing the concept of professional sex magic could have had the effect of making the sex scenes cold and precise, but not so.  Ms. Dane wrote the practice scenes very erotically, but controlled, as if it were part of the their job in protecting the world. However when it came to the romantic sexual scenes they were not only highly erotic but sensual as well.  I could feel the emotion in them and tell that both of the characters were experiencing the love and feelings of the moment.  Sword and Crown has equal parts fantasy, suspense, action, eroticism and the most important ingredient – love found again.  I have never gone wrong by picking up one of Ms. Dane’s books and this was no exception.  You will love Sword and Crown – I did.


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