Switching Sides by Beth Wylde
Silk’s Vault Publishing
F/F Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Tera



Elizabeth is tired of going from guy to guy and never finding one that pleases her or wants to stick around. When she’s invited out by Brad, she figures he might prove a little harder to catch than most. But who she catches that night is far from expected.

Kara has had her sights set on Elizabeth from the very first day of their art class together. She coerces her friend to get Elizabeth to the bar with plans to interrupt their “date.” But will Elizabeth say yes to the new world she’s offering?

Switching Sides was a decent read. The love scenes were good but felt a little forced. I thought Elizabeth’s reactions at first were a little odd—I don’t know of anyone who would be that easily persuaded or bold in their actions when placed in a situation such as that for the first time. I was a bit disappointed the story wasn’t a little longer, as well. But overall, it was a fun read.


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