Surviving Synn by L. Shannon
Outlaw! Tascryn Series, Book 1
GLBT Fantasy (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60088-132-9
Reviewed by Sabella



Tarvyn is a demon that uses seduction to help souls transition from this life unto the next.  And Tarvyn is very good at what he does.  However, this time his boss is sending him onto a battlefield, where his talents wonít serve him well.  Tarvyn is at a loss on how to help these dying men, he will do his best but this time his wit wonít protect Tarvyn from the pain and suffering around him.  When Tarvyn meets Captain Bailey on the edge of the battlefield it changes Tarcynís feelings about this assignment.

Captain Bailey is weary and brokenhearted by the war they are fighting; it seems that all he does is watch his men die.  However, he knows his duty and he will do it regardless of the cost to himself.  After the tour of the field looking for survivors, Bailey goes into the forest to let out all the anger, frustration and grief over the loss of life.  After pulling himself together Bailey comes across a boy that seems out of place.  The boy, Tarvyn, is charming in his innocence and Bailey takes him under his wing.  But when the other soldiers in the camp decide to turn against Tarvyn, will Bailey protect him or let the soldiers have their way?

Surviving Synn is a wonderful fantasy story about love.  Tarvyn is charming and funny and you canít help but to like him from his very first words and Captain Bailey is endearing is his vulnerability.  Both characters will pull at your heart strings.  The eroticism between Tarvyn and Bailey is hot, and I wish that there had been more encounters between them.  Surviving Synn is a good fantasy read, great for a lazy day at the beach.


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