Stress Relief by BA Tortuga
Torquere Press
Erotic Gay Contemporary
ISBN-10: 1934166936 ISBN-13: 978-1934166932
Reviewed by Cassie



High-powered businessman David is burned out.  Long business trips, no sleep, and too much stress have been taking their toll on him.  When heís forced to take a vacation in Colorado, he expects to kill a little time and go right back to work.  Davidís plans go awry, however, when his wilderness guide turns out to be his ex-lover, Amos, who left the city to get away from stress after having a serious heart attack.  The attraction is still there and they begin an affair, but can their rekindled love survive long business trips and the stress of Davidís job?

Stress Relief is an enjoyable story of second chances.  Amos has found a home and a life he loves, and Davidís reappearance makes him think about things he thought heíd forgotten.  David is an incredibly driven, almost obsessive businessman, and his frenetic lifestyle is killing him.  Although the two men clearly love each other, they both have issues to work through concerning how their past relationship ended.  They also have to make it through the serious consequences of Davidís devotion to his work.  BA Tortuga did a good job of showing the conflict between the two men while showing how much they loved each other despite their differences.  If you like stories of second-chance love, pick Stress Relief up.


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