Stone Roses by Alicia Sparks
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 1-58608
Reviewed by Cassie



Detective Luke Callahan called for FBI assistance on a case, but heís not pleased when the agent who shows up turns out to be his ex-wife, Christine.  Christine is only in Stone Rose to close the case and win herself a promotion.  She doesnít expect to have lingering feelings surface or to have to deal with an unbelievable situation.  Will the trials they are about to go through bring them together, or tear them apart forever?

Stone Roses had great atmosphere and an incredibly interesting premise.  I loved the unusual shapeshifter and ghost elements.  Unfortunately, the storyline was also somewhat confusing.  So many things were happening at once that I felt the story ought to be a great deal longer to truly accommodate them all.  Luke and Christine came off as rather unrealistic, with Christine starting off as cold and vindictive and then suddenly transforming into a loyal, loving wife, and Luke seeming like a smug good olí boy at times, and a caring, protective man at others.  The idea of Stone Roses was very cool, and I was really disappointed that I didnít enjoy the story more.  Alicia Sparks is clearly a very creative writer, and I think I would enjoy something she wrote in a longer format, but I just canít recommend this one.


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