Steam and Sunshine by BA Tortuga
Torquere Press
Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-1-934166-74-1
Reviewed by Nannette



Sonny and MJ are retired.  Sonny is no longer making moonshine and MJ is no longer being paid to blow things up, but a big paying job has them packing a car with guns and explosives again.  The job they are sent to do doesn't go as smoothly as planned though.  Two complications, turn into two hostages that really cramp their style.

Padriac Bair is a scientist that Neil Caseman has been hired to watch over.  Neil can read minds, so it should be easy for him to protect Paddy, but in the heat of the moment he loses his train of thought and the next thing they know they have been drugged, bound, gagged, and locked in the trunk of a car.

Their high paying, relatively easy job just got a whole lot harder for MJ and Sonny.

Sonny and MJ are back, reeking havoc and blowing things up in Steam and Sunshine.  These guys are outrageously funny.  Neil said it best. “MJ and Sonny are quite mad but they seem to function”.   They're a blast!  (Pun intended)  Neil's mind reading capability is really cool and Paddy’s mind running full tilt all the time makes for some seriously good entertainment.  When these polar opposite couples get together, the laughing and fighting is non-stop.  The end of Steam and Sunshine is explosive, intense, and dramatic.  I highly recommend reading Racing The Moon before Steam and Sunshine.  It’s not necessary, but it will help you understand where Sonny and MJ are coming from…plus, it’s awesome!


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