Stay by Isabella Jordan
Amber Heat
Erotic Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-59279-641-0
Reviewed by Georgia



Taking a cruise to try and forget about the wasted years she spent with her no-account, married boyfriend, Kelly Burrows is shocked and frightened when she washes overboard and is rescued by a gorgeous man.  Yet when she next awakens, she is on a strange island with people who give her funny looks when she mentions a cell. She knows she’s in trouble but has no idea how much until she talks with her rescuer…

The small island of Josara is in danger of dying.  With fewer and fewer women and no female births in years, Prince Halen is desperate. Using a summoning spell, he brings Kelly to his home.  Can he convince her of Josara’s and his need for her?  Can he convince her to Stay?

As usual, Ms. Jordan creates a wonderful fantasy.  Kelly doesn’t know it but Prince Halen and Josara are exactly what she needs in her life.  Disappointed with herself and the man she wasted years with, awakening where she is wanted and needed sooths something in her soul.  First, though she has to get past how she was summoned and just what is expected of her.  Halen is one hunk of hot stuff!  Although he was worried about what would be brought forth in the spell, he’s surprised and pleased with Kelly.  Their first true meeting is definitely the stuff of fantasies!  With realistic characters, an engaging plot and steamy scenes, you’ll certainly want to Stay for this one.


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