Spilled Ink:  The Five of Cups by Rob Knight
Torquere Press
Gay erotic romance, contemporary
Reviewed by Cassie



Police detective Mark, has decided to get a tattoo as a memorial to his fallen partner, so he goes to a tattoo parlor.  There he meets Rooster, the owner of the shop.  Rooster gives him the perfect tattoo and much more.  Thereís a connection between them, but can there be any future for a cop and a tattoo artist with a past?

I absolutely loved reading Spilled Ink!  Rob Knight did a great job of creating the two heroes.  Markís tough-but-wounded cop persona was completely believable.  The funny, understanding, and equally tough Rooster made a perfect match for him.  I really enjoyed the growing emotional connection between the two characters, and the sex scenes were hot, especially the ones in the tattoo parlor.  Iíve never thought of getting a tattoo as being an arousing experience (painful, maybe, but not hot), but this story will certainly make me look at getting inked differently!    


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