Speed Dating by Nancy Warren
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0-373-21769-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Dylan Hargreave is waiting for his date.  When Kendall Clarke sneaks into his room, he ushers them off to his ex wifeís wedding.  Kendall plays along because her fiancť just left her and she wants to do something outrageous for once.  Dylan and Kendall spend a great night together that turns into more when Kendall loses her job and becomes Dylanís good luck charm, and his girlfriend for the cameras.  Eventually Kendall wants more, but Dylan isnít offering.

Kendall is a real sweetheart.  I was heartbroken for her for a while and I was angry with Dylan.  He was a great guy but he had some issues with his ex that a good kick in the butt might have cured.  Speed Dating has a fun, romantic and angst filled storyline.  It has feeling and heart and I felt a whole lot while reading it. 


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