Space Man by Sharon Maria Bidwell
Loose Id
GLBT Science Fiction (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-442-8
Reviewed by Sabella



Alex Beaumont has an awful track record.  He picks up cute losers, gives them a home and Alex is left behind, heartbroken, when they drift on.  However, this last one has left Alex making resolutions that he won’t be picking up any more strays and giving them his heart.  Nonetheless, when Alex is walking in the park and it starts to rain he notices a young man that looks lost and as usual Alex offers his help.  This stranger is truly out of the ordinary, as his looks are striking and he seems perplexed by the most commonplace things.  Will Alex take the risk with this stranger or will he shuffle him off to become someone else’s problem?

Space, Man is a quick story about facing your fears and taking on the risk and the vulnerability brought by loving and being loved.  The characters are somewhat shallow and I had a difficult time staying with them when the progression of their feelings seemed abrupt within the story.  However, this book is a good way to pass the time when you are stuck somewhere and are looking for a distraction.


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