Six-Month Mistress by Katherine Garbera
The Mistresses series, Book 2
Silhouette Desire
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-76802-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Bella McNamara needed Jeremy Harperís help three years ago.  In return, she agreed to be his mistress for six months, the time to be determined at Jeremyís convenience.  If Bella knows anything about Jeremy, itís that he says what he means and when he walks in to her office, she knows her time is up.  The contract has been signed and now it is up to her to fulfill her obligations.  If only she didnít know that before the terms of the contract were ended, she would be completely in love with him and the thought of being without him breaks her heart. 

Jeremy Harper has desired Bella for a very long time.  When she came to him three years ago and asked his help, the contract he had drawn up was the only thing that kept him from claiming her completely.  Now, the woman that Bella has become is all his; at least for the next six months.

I love stories that deal with rich men and their mistresses. I adore how Katherine Garbera put a different twist to Six-Month Mistress in that Bella asked for Jeremyís help.  Bella was self sufficient despite the fact that she was around former acquaintances that used to be her friends and who now look down on her.  Jeremy was likable as well.  His infatuation with Bella was more down to earth and real than he wanted and I could see his apprehension in where his heart was leading him.  All in all, Six-Month Mistress was a very good read with a very happy ending. I couldnít ask for anything more in a romance.


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