Seducing the Hermit by Suz deMello
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-327-X
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Paige Percy is a station manager/DJ who has taken a job on a remote Alaskan island to be in charge for the first time.  She is glad to escape the life of Los Angeles and her plastic surgeon parents to start a new adventure, so she loads up her Bug and heads north.  She is surprised at what she finds.  She also seems to be suddenly accident prone when she runs over the guy that is meeting her, hits his truck and will have a few more mishaps before all is done.

Fischer may not be looking for the love of his life, but it looks like he may have been struck by it.  The only problem is that he canít get over what he saw while in the Army in Bosnia and wonít subject anyone to his lack of sleep and neurosis.  They have a one night stand, once or twice and then will not see each other for weeks.  But, at the same time he doesnít want Paige to meet up with other men either.  He introduces her to other bachelors on the island only at their worst, such as at fishing camp, or just in from fishing.

Seducing the Hermit is a fast paced and fun book.  Suz DeMello has a knack for writing smart snappy characters, and this one is a winner.  I especially loved the scenes about the Bush Babe tournament.  I do have to say that there were parts of Seducing the Hermit that seemed to drag, but then the pace would pick back up and I would be laughing again.  If you are looking for a romance set in Alaska and donít mind if your heroine isnít looking for love but runs it over (literally) then this book is the one for you.


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